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Get Involved

We Provide School  Supplies around the World !

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Click Here to View Photos of some of our Projects

At Office City, we know education is one of the keys to future success and happiness. We have developed the School PLUS Program to provide support to the ongoing school supply needs of children throughout U.S., the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area & overseas. Without your help, many children in these areas will be without supplies. Office City has established their School PLUS Program so that schools & organizations will not overspend on school supplies. We also provide a way to purchase school supplies & donate them at the same time.

How can you help our School PLUS Program for children & their families?

1. Purchase School Supplies from Office City

A. Purchase for your School or Project.
B. Purchase & donate the supplies to one of our Projects listed below- See our pictures & listing of available people & countries.
Please recommend a project that we may help with.

2. Provide Financial Support

A. Sponsor a child, a school, or family & change a life.
B. Tax receipts are available.

3. Share our School PLUS Program Mission

Please tell your friends, family others about our goal of providing school supplies to children & their families. Don’t forget about telling
Churches, Ministries, Government, private organizations, & your clubs ( Rotary & Kiwanis ) about us! We thank you in advance for all you referrals!

4. Come & see your gifts at work

Come & see your donations at work! If you can’t come, we will always try to send a picture & a thank you for your time, effort &     support. We have couples like Robert & Myrna Sumpter who travel to many of these countries who will make sure your gifts get to
the children.

5. Join Our  Back to School PLUS Program Club!

Here are some ideas on how far your gifts & generosity can buy!

Donate- $25.00 - 250 pieces of chalk
Donate-$50.00 -  1,000 pencils
Donate $100.00 -  2,000 crayons
Donate $200.00 - 575 bottles of glue
Donate $250.00 - 50,000 sheets of notebook paper
Donate-$350.00 - More pens ,school bags, & pencils
Donate-$500 or more - Many children dreams will come true!
Donate-$3,000-$5,000 - Adopt one or many Schools!

Get Involved


6. A Charitable Donation

We accept charitable donations in the name of a loved one or friend. We will honor that person by sharing with the children, a small     message about that person’s life & what they did. A card or picture will be sent to thank you of your gift.

7. Pictures & Places of some of our projects
Click Here to View Some Photos

Unicef Sudan SCC Homestead Benin Joyland

By simply filling out the form in the Contact section of our website, a member of the Office City Customer Service Staff will contact you to answer any questions that you might have & to help you to participate in the School PLUS Program for School Children!


Thank You for Caring!

Thank You for Caring!



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