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Robert SumpterRobert and Myrna Sumpter, now retired, spend much of their time traveling and working in the mission field with medical mission groups. These Groups give medical assistance, build churches, provideMyrna Stumpter school supplies and fill other needs in villages in Central and South America. Robert who is an accomplished photographer and Myrna, bilingual teacher and medical assistant, are using their given talents and abilities to give back to those who are less fortunate. Donations of food, medical and school supplies are greatly needed in these third world countries. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

It's been said, "That love is not love until you given it way" Would you consider helping us to met the needs of children in these third world countries so poor, that they cannot possibility help themselves.






Honduras - "Education for the Children"

Casa de Luz, "House of Light" is a childcare center located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.






Greece - "Provision for the Refugee Families"

Efthemes and Irene Sioukiouroglou (Fellowship International Mission, Athens, Greece) help refuges in their native Greece meeting physicalGreece needs, such as food, clothing, and employment. Since Greece is a crossroads between Africa, Asia, and Europe refugees including Kurds, come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey. Having been displaced from their countries they need help for themselves, their families & children.







Benin, West Africa - "Rescued form Child Slavery"

Benin, West AfricaSchools in Benin, West Africa in the Village of Akpali-Kpevi Jesulome for the benefit of children who have no educational alternatives available to them or are at risk/have become victims of Child Trafficking. Carmen Morris of Sanctuary of Moses oversees this project.






Sudan, East Africa - "Care for the Darfur refugees of Civil War"

An orphanage in the town of Kajo keji, a town in Central Equatoria, Sudan for children & their families because of the Darfur conflict. OverSudan 100,000 refugees are being sheltered there.
Here is a picture of Kajo Keji.  The building to my left is the United Nations office in Southern Sudan.






Haiti - "Providing School Essentials to the Children"

New Hope Haitian Church Unicef Haiti Map Family




Carribean, Central & South America

Netherlands, Antilles, Curacao

School in Netherlands Antilles, Curacao

School Bag for Countries
Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador





South Florida

Speedway Community Church-Homestead Migrant Children & City Life: KIX in Homestead

Speedway Community Church-Homestead Migrant Children & City Life: KIX in Homestead

Speedway Community Church-Homestead Migrant Children & City Life: KIX in Homestead




South Florida

Miami-Dade County Corrections & Equiptment -A Student
Miami-Dade County Corrections

Miami-Dade Public Schools - Coconut Grove
Miami-Dade Public Schools - Coconut Grove



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